Slow roasted shoulder of lamb

Slow roasted lamb shoulder falling off the bone.



• Shoulder of lamb
• Onions
• Carrots
• Leeks
• Celery
• Garlic
• Rosemary
• Red wine or stock

How to cook


Step one:

Roughly shop the vegetables and herbs then place in to a deep roasting tray add half a bottle of red wine.


Step two:

Pre heat oven 120 degrees’ cover the tray in foil and place in oven for 6-7 hours.


Step three:

After cooking the lamb pull the meat away from the bones and sieve the juices left over from cooking.


Step four:

Once the ribs are cooked you can leave to cool and then slice into ribs and then reheat on the BBQ to get that authentic taste.


Step five:

Dress the salad leaves, and then you are ready to serve.